Why advertise on the radio?

  • Audiences today have more listening options than ever; yet 93% of all consumers 12 years old and over listen to the radio during the course of a week. No other medium – electronic or otherwise – can claim as many weekly consumers as radio does.
  • Radio has the ability to target a specific segment of the consumer market.
  • Radio has a multi-venue reach with strong penetration in the home, at work, and in the car.
  • Radio is “Theater of the Mind”. Listeners have a strong emotional bond with “their” radio station. They trust the station and – as a result – its advertisers. Newspaper can tell you where to eat, radio can make you hungry!
  • Radio reaches consumers on their way to the store.

Advertising Contacts:

For advertising information with Radio ONE, EasyFM, ClazzFM and EasyFM Aruba just send us an email.

There’s a new kind of radio on the air, with more music and more entertainment. We have significantly reduced the number of commercial minutes we play each hour. The result is a better listening environment AND a better advertising environment. What do advertisers get? More exposure, better recall and the comfort of knowing your spot will be heard and remembered.
Our team of copywriters and producers will come up with an effective spot for you.

Make sure to ask us about our online radio opportunities! Our radio station and our radio station’s website are perfect complements!